Why Go Ballistech?

Screen protection is vital to prolong the life of today?s high-tech devices. At Ballistech Armour, we only offer the best protection available. No films, no plastic, no confusing ?good, better, best? ? no?BS?! Plain and simple, when there is something better, that?s what we will offer.

What Makes Ballistech Armour Screen Protectors Superior ?

Ballistech Armour utilizes high quality ultra smooth 9H Japanese tempered glass. This provides a seamless, seemingly invisible layer of protection for your device all while maintaining the original look and feel!



With the ability to withstand almost any impact and unparalleled scratch resistance, rest assured your new Ballistech Armour screen protector will last or we will replace it for free.*


Our Ballistech Armour Japanese glass provides ?crystal? clear HD visibility so you don?t miss a thing!No more looking through the scratch haze of plastic protectors.

Accurate to the touch

At only .33 mm thin our protectors offer incredible touch screen accuracy for an enjoyable ?real feel? web browsing experience.

Smudge & Fingerprints

Ballistech Armour screen protectors come with an oleophobic nano-coating bonded to the surface to magically repel fingerprints and smudges, greatly reducing the need to clean your screen!

Resale Value

With the ever increasing prices of high tech devices one powerful way to save money is to increase the resale or trade in value of your device. Having a flawless, unbroken, scratch free screen is the most effective way to maximize resale value.

So easy a …

Unlike traditional screen protectors or plastic films, there is no need to wet your screen or spend eons smoothing out bubbles. Ballistech Armour protectors incorporate silicone adhesion technology and easy installation tabs for a simple, accurate, and hassle-free installation.

Crystal Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors